About us

With the focused aim of speed, the Gloucestershire based Racket Stringer team target to restring all rackets within 48 hours before returning them via a 48 hour courier service or Royal Mail Special Delivery. Experienced in restringing tennis, squash and badminton rackets, Racket Stringer carries an extensive range of string and accessories in stock.

We recognise that every customer has individual needs and are happy to explain our service in greater detail or source a string not listed on our site. Please contact us if you have any questions not answered on our site.

Racket Stringer was created by Giles Elliott, an experienced tennis coach working in Cheltenham. Spending his days on the court, he began restringing rackets to prevent play being interrupted for any longer than necessary. Realising there was a demand beyond his trainees, he established Racket Stringer to provide a fast and responsive user friendly service to a wider market.

Call us on 07719 489840 or email hello@racketstringer.co.uk