Stringing guide

How do I know if my racket needs restringing?

Check whether any of the strings have frayed. A frayed string will be close to breaking.

A loss in string tension is another reason to consider restringing. A loss in tension will reduce the amount of control and power you are able to generate which will affect the performance of the racket.

Signs your strings have lost tension:

How often should I have my racket restrung?

Racket Stringer recommends:

Number of times you play per week 1 - 2 3 4 5 +
When you should restring every 6 months every 4 months every 3 months every 2 months

It is worth noting that different types of string lose tension at different rates. A polyester string such as Luxilon Big Banger Original will lose tension faster than a synthetic gut string such as Head Synthetic Gut PPS. Your style of play will also affect the lifespan of your strings.

What types of strings are there?

Natural Gut

Synthetic Gut



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