Tennis Racket Restringing

We provide tennis racket restringing for many clients in Cambridge via our mail order tennis racket restring service.

We provide quality tennis racket restringing for many clients in Cambridge for any make and model of tennis rackets. We recommend that all players should have their racket restrung after every 40 hours of play. You may notice other signs that signal it's time for a restring including: having to swing harder to get the ball to go deeper and a difference in sound when making contact with the ball. View our Stringing Guide for more info.

We have a range of strings available, including natural gut, synthetic gut, multifilmanents and polyesters to match different styles of play. If you're not sure what tennis string you require, check out our Stringing Guide which has an explanation on the different types of string.

We provide a mail order service for tennis racket restringing. Simply place your order online and post your racket to us. We then carry out the Tennis racket restringing within 48 hours and return free of charge via courier.

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Recent Strings

Tennis racket restringing with Tecnifibre string

Tecnifibre Suprem Ng130 Squash Racket - strung with Tecnifibre 305

Tennis racket restringing with Head string

Head Speed Lite Tennis Racket - strung with Tecnifibre Red Code

Tennis racket restringing with Head Flexpoint string

Head Flexpoint Tennis Racket - strung with Babolat Synthetic Gut


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